CKS Systems is a growing company comprises of two divisions, which provide sales and systems for music industry and corporations in the South East Texas area and Online Sales to Musicians.

The Sales Division is a dealer for Jensen and Celestion speakers. Click the items on the right for the latest price. Please E-mail us for a quotation, if you need any other sizes of Jensen Vintage Re-issued Speakers or current Celestion models for your Fender, Marshall or Ampeg amps. We also carry many Fender and Gibson amp and guitar parts. Just ask and if we have the parts, we will give you the best value for the price.

The Sound Systems Division furnishes recording and rehearsal studios for musicians. We also rent out complete or partial PA systems, guitar and bass amps, and microphones for the day or for the week. In addition, we provide leasing and supports of remote/mobile sound systems on location such as concerts, corporate functions, festival functions and other events. Please E-mail us to book and lease systems.

We are committed to provide our clients the best value, the latest technology and systems. We will do it right the first and every time.

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